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A little bit about PT Promotions

Growing up in the 70's & 80's meant Paul was very passionate about music and the 80's in particular making a huge impression.

PT has always kept music close to his heart and has a vast record and cd collection from the 70's / 80's and 90's. A lot of the bands from these times still have the original artists and a good number of the original line up. Of course there are some fabulous 70's 80's & 90's bands and of course more modern bands that we'd like to have in town so this website is all about getting support from the people of the Scottish Borders so that PT Promotions can bring us great live music from some fabulous artists. Get in touch with your ideas. PT is also working on theatre, comedy and musicals.

It's been an ambition to bring bands to towns in the Scottish Borders instead of the long journeys to either Newcastle or Glasgow. We are continulally working tirelessly to bring you live music. Please show your support and together we can really put the Scottish Borders back on the music map.

PT Promotions can also look after your party or licensed bar. Contact us for details.


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What They say

'We had the best night in a very long time. The South were as good as they've been in years'

'Meeting Dave Wakeling from The Beat was a dream come true'

'To see Paul Heaton in the Borders was awesome, what a great guy'

'Bombskare & Big Fat Panda, I never stopped Skanking the whole night'