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Cheryl, Mike & Jay Formerly of Bucks Fizz plus Bobby McVay

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Big 80's DJ Party

Cheryl, Mike and Jay are as energetic, youthful and dazzling today, as they were when they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 with (the recently voted "UK's favourite Eurovision Song") "Making Your Mind Up", as part of the original line up of Bucks Fizz. The legendary skirt-ripping routine propelled them to overnight worldwide success, charting at No.1 in many countries beyond the UK. They sold more than 15 million records, toured the world and achieved success not seen since ABBA. They exceeded the popularity of many of their contemporaries in an era where records were more expensive and less readily accessible.
Plus Big 80's DJ Party :-)

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What They say

'We had the best night in a very long time. The South were as good as they've been in years'

'Meeting Dave Wakeling from The Beat was a dream come true'

'To see Paul Heaton in the Borders was awesome, what a great guy'

'Bombskare & Big Fat Panda, I never stopped Skanking the whole night'