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Anna Pancaldi

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Sam Way



"Anna Pancaldi shines through from the pack... we know the boys had it all their way in 2014 and now the girls are fighting back. Looks like Anna's about to charge through chaps." Record of the Day


Coming from a musical family, it was only natural that Anna's love affair with music would begin at a young age. Her father was a singer who introduced her to outstanding artists such as Carole King, Carly Simon, Doris Day and Judy Garland. Music was always a part of Anna's lineage.


Come on Love


Live Balcony TV Session:


Live Ont'Sofa Session:




‘Way lulls you in… enchants you with his striking break-up lyricism… …Seeing him in an intimate setting is a privilege’ - Anne Higgins –


Sam writes with heart, playfulness and dynamism. His songs tell stories, reflections from eight years of travel, once thoughts jotted down in notepads, forgotten poems, and now played out on acoustic guitar. They are undeniably catchy, cleverly crafted and aim to catalyze the captivated listener into exploration.




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What They say

'We had the best night in a very long time. The South were as good as they've been in years'

'Meeting Dave Wakeling from The Beat was a dream come true'

'To see Paul Heaton in the Borders was awesome, what a great guy'

'Bombskare & Big Fat Panda, I never stopped Skanking the whole night'